MDF Instruments® Classic Cardiology Stethoscope

What makes a great cardiology stethoscope? In our opinion, a stethoscope needs to be specifically designed to pick up the faint and subtle heart sounds, as blood passes through the numerous anatomical features of the heart, and specifically it needs to be able to detect the soft rumbling sounds of diastolic murmurs, such as the aortic regurgitation, the Austin Flint murmurs, the mitral stenosis, the S3s and S4s. As you can see there are many heart sounds that are of concern that relate to heart disorders, that are low frequency.

We believe and many others agree these low pitch sounds are best heard with a bell, but there are many cardiology stethoscopes on the market that don't have a real bell.  We went to the traditional, tried-and-true approach and we took our classic cardiology stethoscope and we made the focus about the bell, but we didn't stop there. In MDF® fashion, we took our classic cardiology and we added some exciting new features to it just because it's in our DNA to do so.

Here's what we did. Not only did we add a stethoscope cardiology bell, but we added an oversized and deeper bell to our cardiology chestpiece. It's engineered at a precise angle to detect the low frequency sounds with even more clarity.  Also to make sure sound doesn't leak as it leaves the chestpiece, we added our patented super smooth Glide-Lock-System™, that when indexing the chest piece it snaps into place and forms the tightest seal.

By the way, our classic cardiology stethoscopes are 100% premium grade stainless steel for durability and resilience. To make sure it's comfortable for every user,  we added our patented ErgonoMax™ headset with durable dual springs that can be adjusted for retention to provide a custom and ergonomic fit.

Also to ensure safety and hygiene we added our patented SafetyLock™ stethoscope eartip holder, along with our ComfortSeal™ eartips, to protect the user of our classic cardiology stethoscope.

Like all MDF® stethoscopes our classic cardiology is made at our factory where all MDF® stethoscopes are made by artisan craftsman, some with over 25 years of experience.  MDF® stethoscopes are handcrafted and hand polished to the finest jewelry grade finish, so that it will pass our quality control. Yes, you could say it's over engineered, over designed and over crafted but because of this we can offer a Lifetime Warranty on the entire stethoscope including the tubing.  By the way don't forget about our Free-Parts-For-Life Program for your old and worn out eartips and diaphragms.

It is interesting to note that when we redesigned the classic cardiology stethoscope, we created three new patents and now these patents are not only on our classic cardiology stethoscope, they're found on many of our other MDF® stethoscopes. While others have gone in another direction with their cardiology stethoscope, we're proud to carry on the torch of the tried and true classic cardiology design, which is proven to work and work very well, hence the name the MDF® classic cardiology stethoscope.

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