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MDF Instruments sits down to talk to healthcare professionals and students.  From nurses, to international medical students, to veterinarians, to firefighters, nutritionists, and doctors, our podcasts have something for everyone!


I wanted to be a doctor because to me, I thought being a doctor was like to be a magician. That's really what I thought it was because I suffered from asthma as a child. And, and my mom would take me to the hospital, and they would give me these medications. Well, now I know they're doing it, but like a bad day, and I, I didn't know what they were giving me. They were just giving me stuff and I would feel better. Oh, my God, I saw this tall guy was just like this long white coat. You know, I mean, his stethoscope was like, this long, you know, is like, Well, this guy looks like a magician, I want to be a magician when I go, you know. And you know, eventually, later on, as I'm growing up, I'm realizing, oh, you know, they're not. They're not magicians, they're healthcare workers.

Our main priority is to make sure that there's a peyten or open airway, oh, we assist with intubation. So we manage the ventilator, we suction the patient, we change different modes and different settings on the ventilator to help get the patient better. And then eventually, hopefully, we take the breathing tube out.

A global medical case is a student-led nonprofit organization that partners with partnered communities in rural areas, and they work alongside local staff and doctors to provide access to health care to patients who have really no access or never seen a doctor before. And so I wanted to be that change.

I'm actually working in a supportive care department like palliative care. And we, you know, we see patients are given types of cancer, I work on a metal floor, so metabolic and surgical oncology. So we see solid tumors there, so you know, we see everything I've rotated through quite a few specialties, which I, which I really enjoy doing.

And that's really how the scrub company got started. Because I wasn't making my own scrubs from the first day, I was saying, I really wish I had a place for my stethoscope because I was getting a rash around my neck and I didn't want to wait around my neck. I was changing that. And then I was like, hmm, it'd be really nice if there was a credit card holder or an ID holder, because every time I pull my phone out, my credit cards go fine. It was like a transition period into what it is today.

Dr. Katherine Marina
We have curated the foundation together and it's called that beat us portkey meal in Spanish, which translates to bottle caps for chemotherapies, we take those plastic bottle tops, and we sell them to recycling companies. And the money that we get for those plastic bottle caps we give them to other foundations, such as St. Jude's, for kids to get help in any way that they need it.

Why am I going to this in the first place, the only real reason you can go is because you care. It's a lot of hard nights, it's going to be sad moments in a hospital, maybe someone doesn't make it or you have to give bad news. But I think about all the good moments that are gonna be there too when I help somebody or I can say you gotta go home, or the results came back and Yeah, nothing to worry about. It's benign. And that kind of defines the reason why it's so important to be in healthcare

or neonatal intensive care unit. So basically what I do is any I mean, any type of a baby can end up in the NICU, not necessarily a premature infant. One common misconception is that it's just automatically premature babies lose a baby I've actually taken care of as a 22 week event which is significantly premature and she is alive and well. Today. She was my primary baby in the NICU. I took care of her for seven months, and now she's my goddaughter. She was even less than a pound so you can go as small as that to I take care of babies, you know, so it's just a very big spectrum.

Floating Doctors
Floating doctors, yeah, they're nonprofit work in Boca does tourism, the floating doctors role there is healthcare delivery to really underserved indigenous, rural communities so, so rural, and they're so cut off from modern amenities that they have no access to health care, we bring health care to them. And we go to a different community every single week, and we take a boat and floating doctors, and

That's when I started the Thumper project. If you have seen the movie Bambi, the little bunny in the movie, his name is Thumper. And that was kind of the inspiration because his dad always said, if you have nothing nice to say, and don't say anything at all, I go to different schools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and different events and I just talked about the importance of just being kind to one another.

There's going to be negative people There's going to be people that are going to try to discourage you. That will tell you it's too difficult. It's not a route for you, you're too. This you're too that you're not enough of something to be what you want to be. And I would say, completely block all that out.

Whatever you want to do, you can make that into business, but consistency is the price that you have to pay or lose hope. And don't be so hard on yourself.


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