MDF® Instruments Pulse Time® Stethoscope

One of the things we really value at MDF Instruments® is challenging convention, and you can call that whatever you want. Thinking outside the box or going against the grain, but we believe that’s a major component of making really great medical instruments.

When we see a problem with the way things are done, we always look for a way to do them better but sometimes people don’t realize that there is a problem. It’s not until they see the solution, that they realize there was a better way to do things all along.

A basic examination of vital signs consists of pulse, respiratory rate, blood pressure, temperature, and pupil size and reactivity. What we’re seeing is that sometimes these very basic and important assessments aren’t being done just because healthcare professionals don’t have the right tools. For instance they might be missing or skipping pulse and respiration rates because they don’t have a watch or a nearby clock.

The Pulse Time® stethoscope was invented to combine two of the major tools needed for a basic vital assessment; the stethoscope and the timepiece. With this one tool, the Pulse Time® stethoscope and a sphygmomanometer, a clinician can assess three of the five essential vital signs, so they can make sure their patients are getting the basic care that they need.

Something we really like about the Pulse Time® stethoscope is that it lets you keep your attention focused on your patient while taking their vital signs. The clock is right there on the stethoscope chestpiece so you're not looking away to a watch or wall clock. It’s convenient but it’s also a connection with your patient, because that’s what healthcare is all about, right? It’s improving the lives of your patients by connecting with them, and sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference.

Like all MDF Instruments® stethoscopes, the Pulse Time® stethoscope is covered by a full Lifetime Warranty, even on the tubing, and it has our clear silicone eartips. Those are covered by our Free-Parts-For-Life Program, so anytime you need stethoscope eartips, or a stethoscope name tag, or a stethoscope diaphragm cover, it’s free. We’re able to offer industry leading warranties because all our products are handcrafted for the best possible quality. That’s what we’ve been doing since 1971, handcrafting stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers and reflex hammers, in this artisan tradition. 

Pulse Time® Stethoscope - Black - MDF Instruments Official Store - Default Title - Stethoscope
Pulse Time® Stethoscope - Black - MDF Instruments Official Store - Default Title - Stethoscope



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All MDF Instruments® stethoscopes are latex free, come with a Lifetime Warranty that includes the tubing, and our Free-Parts-For-Life Program. We send you free stethoscope parts like our soft silicone eartips, that come in three sizes, so you can custom fit your stethoscope ear buds and choose from either clear or black. Our free stethoscope parts program also includes stethoscope name tags, replacement stethoscope diaphragms and non-chill bell rings. We guarantee that your stethoscope will last, for life.

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