MDF® Calibra® Pocket Sphygmomanometer

Medical devices with unrivaled warranties. All MDF® sphygmomanometers come with a lifetime calibration guarantee on the gauge and a three-year warranty on the entire unit. And that's what you get with all MDF®  products, high-quality handcrafted medical instruments with the best warranties on the market.



MDF® Instruments Classic Cardiology Stethoscope

What makes a great Cardiology stethoscope? In our opinion a stethoscope needs to be specifically designed to pick up the faint and subtle heart sounds. As blood passes through the numerous anatomical features of the heart and specifically it needs to be able to detect the soft rumbling sounds of diastolic murmurs.

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What is a Babinski Buck® Lightweight Reflex Hammer?

Babinski Buck® reflex hammer. Ergonomic handle. Premium diagnostics. Built-in-brush.

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What is a Babinski Telescoping Reflex Hammer?

Babinski® reflex hammer. Articulatin head. Telescoping. Built-in-brush.

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