Riester Ri-former® Wall Unit with EliteVue 3.5 V LED Macro otoscope, L3 LED 3.5 V ophthalmoscope, Predictive-temp RPT-100 and Ri-Medic® Automated BPM


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Ri-former® LED – the modular diagnostic system by Riester – optimal flexibility for hospitals and medical practices. The diagnostic station modules can be combined individually to suit the requirements and location. Thanks to its innovative design it is variably extendable to the right and the left. The basic ri-former® module is available with one handle and can be supplemented with up to 4 more handle modules. The advantages of the ri-former® system can be seen in its versatile combination of options. With its centralized electrical power supply, the ri-former® offers the reliability required for the hectic day-to-day atmosphere of hospitals and medical practices. This guarantees cost savings and eliminates the need for batteries and rechargeable batteries, which is good for the environment.

This pre-configured offer includes:

  • ri-former wall transformer without clock with 2 handles (3.5V/120V)
  • EliteVue 3.5 V LED Macro otoscope
  • L3 LED 3.5 V ophthalmoscope
  • Ri-Medic® Automated BPM
  • Predictive probe thermometer (RPT-100) oral/axillary 
  • pre-drilled wallboard 

About Extension module RPT-100 clinical probe thermometer 

  • Comes with with oral/axillary (blue) probe 
  • Predictive temperature module (Covidien Filac 3000 technology) 
  • Oral Quick Mode: +/- 0.3°C / 0.54°F, 3-5 seconds 
  • Oral Standard Mode: +/- 0.1°C / 0.18°F, 6-10 seconds 
  • Axillary Accuracy: +/- 0.1°C / 0.18°F, 8-12 seconds 
  • Direct Mode: +/- 0.1°C / 0.18°F, 60-120 seconds  
  • Measurement range: 30°C to 43°C (86°F to 109°F) 
  • Cold Mode for hypothermic patients. 
  • Icon-based user interface on backlit LCD display. 
  • Interchangeable isolation chambers with matching probes. 
  • Auto-On/Auto-off feature. 
  • Last temperature recall. 

About Extension module ri-medic 

  • One touch automated and manual blood pressure monitor. 
  • World class, clinical grade technology for fast and reliable readings with full range of blood pressure cuff sizes. 
  • BP independently validated to British Hypertension Society, ESH and AAMI SP10 specifications for adults and children (from 3 years onwards). 
  • Manual SphygMode with auto-deflate provides consistent patient BP measurement and allows clinicians to verify automated readings without removing the cuff. 
  • Designed for durability, comes with a 2-year warranty. 
  • Fast readings, typically 30 – 40 seconds. 
  • Storage basket • Optional: Bluetooth® wireless EMR/HER interface with management software (only 510k listed).

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