Shattering stereotypes left and right, male nurses prove that nursing is not a gendered profession. It is a job for compassionate, caring, attentive, empathetic people whose life's calling is to help people and save lives. The men in your life who've embraced this meaningful and vital profession are true heroes.

Our goal is to help you celebrate these heroes. Whether it's a special occasion, like Christmas, Father's day, Easter, Nurse Week, or his birthday, or you want to express your love or appreciation on a random Tuesday, in this guide, you will find the best gifts for male nurses. 

Let's go shopping!


One thing we know for sure: nurses are the heroes of our times. Day in and day out, they save lives using an inexhaustible mixture of skill, knowledge, compassion, and patience. However, having the right set of nursing tools in addition to all those intangible attributes sure makes their practice easier. Here's your opportunity to strike gold when gift shopping for your favorite male nurse. The best gift ideas for male nurses (murses) come from the medical instruments department, where we at MDF Instruments® excel. 

Gifts under $200 for 'Murses' who deserve the world but would gladly settle for a kick-ass stethoscope.

1. A Camo Print Stethoscope

If you want a more special stethoscope that is sure to stand out in a sea of classic black, white, and gray stethoscopes (no shade, we love those just as much!) - then brace yourself because we have just the thing!

The Warrior collection will be a perfect fit for the fearless nurses on the frontlines of care every day. The camo print is undoubtedly unique and the stethoscope itself is of superior quality. 


MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses Camo Stethoscope Realtree BlackOut ProCardial Titanium

2. A Carbon Fiber Print Stethoscope

Another collection worth keeping an eye on while you're out searching for the ideal present is the Carbon Fiber Collection. Would you say he's the most responsible person you know, but there's that tiny bit of unexpected rebellion interwoven within the fibers of his being? The interesting and gripping design of the stethoscopes in this collection is guaranteed to catch his attention. 


MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Carbon Fiber Stethoscope

To make the gift even more unique, you can opt to design and customize the stethoscope according to the RN’s preferences and needs. This way, he’ll have a stethoscope that’s truly his own, tailored to his personality. A pretty special stethoscope for a special person!


3. A Plaid Print Stethoscope

If you know he can't resist a classic patterned print, the Tartan collection should be your go-to place to find a suitable gift. 

MDF Instruments Plaid Stethoscope, Tartan Collection, Best Gifts for Male Nurses

For more excellent ideas of gifts that male nurses will adore, go to our under $200 collection! 



4. MD One® Stethoscope

MDF Instruments® MD One® Stethoscopes are an upgraded version of the classic dual-head stethoscope design. With the impressive sound quality and durability that MDF® never fails to deliver, this device can be the best gift for an RN. Celebrate him by offering him an instrument that matches his level of awesome!


MDF Instruments Stethoscope Best Gifts for Male Nurses MD One Rose Gold and Black Stethoscope

5. MD One® Epoch Stethoscope

One more fantastic choice that will fit your budget is the MD One® Epoch Stethoscope. Talk about premium diagnostic instruments! This is the ideal mix of performance, durability, and aesthetics because you know he deserves nothing less than to work with premium diagnostic tools!  


MDF Instruments Stethoscope Best Gifts for Male Nurses MD One Epoch Titanium

6. An Engravable Stethoscope

An excellent way to make his gift truly stand out, is opt for an engravable stethoscope. It adds personality to the device, making it as one-of-a-kind as its future owner! Pretty much the perfect gift for graduation or any special occasion.


MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses Engravable Stethoscope

7. A Sphygmomanometer

Nurses use sphygmomanometers (or blood pressure cuffs) daily in their clinical practice. Thus, receiving one as a gift will definitely come in handy, and the MDF Instruments® Airius® device is a solid option. 


The list of gifts under $100 doesn't stop here! Go to our collection for more inspiration!

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses Palm Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Airiius


8. Stethoscopes from the Acoustica® Series

Stethoscopes are vital for nurses, so a high-quality and affordable stethoscope will be a very appreciated gift.  The Acoustica® Stethoscopes are winner in the quality/price ratio.  With less than $50, you can purchase a great stethoscope that deliver accurate auscultation and ensures comfort over longer shifts.  This is a remarkable instrument that will serve him well from schooling into practice, and it comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

MDF Instruments Stethoscope Acoustica BlackOut

9. Stethoscopes from the Sprague Rappaport Series

The Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope series is another fairly inexpensive collection of MDF Instruments® stethoscopes in which you are certain to find a marvelous gift for a man employed in the nursing field. These lightweight devices combine a classic design with irrefutable quality. Detecting even the faintest heart sounds and murmurs never looked so cool. 


MDF Instruments Stethoscope Sprague Rappaport

Find more gifts under $50, perfect for male nurses!


10. A Stethoscope Case

This sleek-looking, safe and secure stethoscope case is an excellent choice for the nurse whose practice takes him to different locations. Whether working as a travel RN, a home health nurse, or a nurse practitioner, he'll find this case indispensable for his always ready-to-go nurse life.  


MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses Stethoscope Case

11. A Reflex Hammer

Another good gift for male nurses is a reflex hammer. It's a practical and valuable tool that will be a necessary addition to their medical bag. From pitch black to silver or rose gold Tromner reflex hammers or instruments from other series like Babinski, Buck, Queen's Square, or Taylor - you have many options. Still, one thing is consistent regardless of which MDF® instrument you decide to wrap up in a bow. You're getting outstanding quality backed by a Lifetime Warranty, and they will love it. Okay, that was two things. 


MDF Instrument Best Gifts for Males Nurses Tromner Reflex Hammer Black
MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses Taylor 2.0 Reflex Hammer


It's no secret that nursing is the kind of demanding job that can fire up one's pedometer. Just to put things in perspective, studies have shown that nurses walk around five miles per shift, and getting those steps in every week adds up. So much so that they basically complete a marathon every five shifts. Talk about endurance! That's why the right pair of shoes is not a fad for a nurse. It's a must-have. Comfortable, durable, breathable shoes ensure that even the longer shifts are more enjoyable. So, a cool and cozy pair of sneakers is an excellent gift for a male nurse. We have some great suggestions of nursing shoes: 

12. The ASICS Men's Gel-Contend Seven

A high-quality running shoe perfect for nurses who spend hours on their feet. The wearer will be surprised by how comfortable they are. The cushioning provides excellent shock absorption; the mesh upper improves airflow ensuring maximum breathability, and don't even get us started on the wide variety of colors: from classic black to vibrant neon and everything else in between! 

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses ASICS Shoes

13.  The Brooks Men Revel 5

This is another good gift option. Ask any nurse, and they'll tell you all the same: these shoes are as stylish as they are high-performance. They're the tip-top blend of comfort, lightness, and durability. The male nurse you're shopping for is bound to love them.

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses Brookes Men Revel 5 Running Shoe

14.  Hooka Clifton 9

These are easily one of the top choices of nursing shoes for male nurses. The fact that nurses were directly involved in engineering these shoes also helps. They're durable and will last through long shifts on both dry and slippery surfaces. They're easy to clean and showcase a sleek design like no other. In short, they're among the best nursing gifts for male nurses.


15.  Scrubs

“I have enough scrubs!” is a sentence you'll probably never hear uttered by a nurse. They work long shifts, and things can quickly get messy or uncomfortable in an environment like the hospital. So, a pair of high-quality scrubs will be a hit with your favorite male nurse. Choose a set of scrubs designed for comfort and maximum durability, but make sure it doesn't tread behind in the styling department either. Male nurses deserve to save lives in style!

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses Figs Scrubs Axim Caro Pants
MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses Figs Jogger Scrub Pants

16. Badge Reels

Badge reels are one of those essentials that every nurse loves because they allow for a bit of personalization of an otherwise dull work uniform. You'll strike gold if you gift a set of nurse tag retractable clips in different styles. 

MDF Instruments Best Gifts For Male Nurses Badge Reels, Snarky Nurses


17. A Fun T-Shirt

Who doesn't love a piece of clothing with a funny or witty message on it? It's a great way to express yourself and add a little pizzazz to your outfit. That's why t-shirts with cheerful or humorous notes will be received with much appreciation. The man, the myth, the legend you're gift shopping for will love this murse-themed t-shirt! 

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses, Murse T-Shirt

18. Unique T-Shirt as a Father's Day Gift

If you are looking for the best Father's Day gift to show your dad how much you love and appreciate him, this t-shirt will get the job done! He'll cherish it even more because of the thoughtful, cheerful, and accurate message.

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses, Father's Day T-Shirt

19. Christmas Sweater

Gifting a Christmas sweater to a male nurse is an excellent way to show him that you care while also ensuring the gift will be used and won't just collect dust on a shelf. Everyone loves a fun Christmas sweater, so they will wear your lovely gift all season long and for many more holiday seasons to come! 

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses Christmas Sweater T-Shirt

20. Socks

Delight your favorite male nurse with a gift that'll have him walking on cloud nine! These medically themed crew socks are comfortable and cute and come in an exclusively designed gift box. They come ready for gift-giving; all you have to do is hide them under the tree or give them to your friend directly and watch his face light up in a smile when he opens the box!

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses, Nursing Socks

21. A Tie

Nursing-themed ties make wonderful gifts for male nurses. The beneficiary can proudly wear them on many occasions, from work functions to family gatherings. This lovely accessory is a fun alternative to boring traditional neckties, and the novelty of the tie makes for the best conversation starter. 

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses Medical Necktie


22. A Coffee Maker

For many nurses, there is one right way to start the day: with a freshly brewed cup of java. A coffee maker that's easy to use, allows you to choose the brew strength, is the perfect serving size, and delivers excellent coffee at the push of a button is a game-changing gift for RNs! The Hamilton Beach Coffee maker is the answer to all their coffee needs! So, if the RN you're shopping for runs on compassion, care, and a whole lot of coffee (like most RNs, to be fair), he will find this present absolutely brew-tiful!

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses, Coffee Maker

22. Whiskey Glass

If you're looking for a classic gift for men, a nice set of whiskey glasses is bound to get their spirits up! They can enjoy their favorite beverage (even if it's not whiskey) from a glass that reminds them of the reason they needed that drink in the first place. 

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses, Whiskey Glass

23. Nurse Pint Glass

Sometimes, the best way to decompress after a long and tiring day at work is by enjoying a cold beer with friends and family. That pleasure is even greater when that drink is served in a humorous novelty glass. Cheers to another great gift for male nurses!

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses Nursing Slogan Pint Glass

24. Wine and Coffee Tumbler

Another one of our favorite gifts for male nurses, this tumbler combines excellent design with high functionality. It is perfect for hot and cold drinks, making it the ideal recipient for morning coffee and evening wine. We love us a tumbler that can do both! Forget about burning your hands from hot beverages or freezing your fingers from iced drinks. It sure is an essential gift for the essential AF frontline workers!

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses, Nursing Slogan Wine and Coffee Tumbler
MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses, Yeti Rambler Wine and Coffee Tumbler


25. Illusion Lamp

Do you want to find a fabulous gift that will light up their world… quite literally? This 3D illusion lamp displaying the caduceus symbol is a terrific way to do just that. The adjustable colors and the visual effect's uniqueness are bound to impress the gift receiver. This particular decoration will become the focus of any room they put it in and will serve as a great reminder of the meaningfulness of the job he chose to pursue. 

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses, Illusion Lamp

26. Smart Watch

If the hunt for the perfect gift brings you to the smartwatch aisle, you will be met with a range of alternatives. But if you aim to find a reasonably inexpensive yet high-quality and high-performance smartwatch for nurses, check out the Fitbit Versa. 

This is a solid choice for a gift: it's packed full of features and is incredibly durable. It can store more than 300 songs for those car rides home when there's nothing good on the radio. Another thing we love about it is its four-day battery life, so the person you're gifting it to can go multiple shifts before having to recharge. Not to mention that they get access to 24/7 heart rate monitoring, activity, steps, sleep stages, calories burned, and floors climbed. Monitoring your health is the best way to stay on top of your health!

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses, Illusion Lamp

27. Massage Gun

Nursing takes a toll on one's body. Every shift involves many hours spent on your feet rushing from one patient's bedside to another's. You may be required to move heavy medical equipment or lift patients to help them get more comfortable. That's why a massage gun can quickly become a Registered Nurse's instant best friend. It can help alleviate muscle pain and release tension. To make sure they make the best out of your gift, go for a qualitative model, well-designed functionally and esthetically. 

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses, Massage Gun


28. A Cool Collectible Figurine

Healthcare workers have one of the most serious and intense jobs on the planet. And sometimes, the best kind of gift for them is a disruption from the routine: a collectible that embodies the joy of nursing and the meaningfulness of their profession. This FunkoPop! figurine is a perfect example of that. It was created to celebrate the nurses and doctors giving their all to help treat patients. It's adorable, fun, and looks great on any shelf. Best gift alert! 

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses, Front Line Heroes Figurine

28. Personalized Christmas Ornament

No more need to rely on Santa to make a list and check it twice because we have the best Christmas gift for male nurses right here. Bring some glee to your favorite RN this holiday season by gifting them a memorable Christmas ornament. Personalizing a medically-themed ornament is a thoughtful and special gesture guaranteed to impress the receiver!

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses, Christmas Ornament

29. A Bracelet

Express your appreciation for a male nurse you're close with a handmade engraved bracelet. This timeless jewelry makes the perfect gift for Valentine's day, birthdays, or anniversaries. It will look classy on their wrist, complementing their outfit with a bit of style and a bit of sass. 

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses, Christmas Ornament

30. A Book Filled with Humor

Entertaining, informative, fun, interesting, humorous - this gift checks all the boxes! The Male Nurse Survival Guide by Chris Lengle is a compilation of advice, wisdom, and insights into the nursing profession from a male perspective. Whether the murse you're shopping for is still in nursing school, at the start of his career, or is a seasoned professional, this book is just the read to help them survive and thrive as a man in nursing!

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses, A Book, The Male Nurse Survival Guide


Let's talk gifts for male nurses that are retiring. A life of helping people on the frontlines of healthcare deserves to be celebrated with a token of appreciation. 

31. A Scented Candle

This unique candle is a great present to light his way into this new chapter of his life. You can give it to a coworker, friend, or family member, and they'll love this cute candle's cheekiness, style, and fragrance! 

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses, Scented Candle

32. A Mug and Wine Glass Rack

How retirees tell time is a specifically designed gift for retiring RNs. After years of hard work, they deserve to enjoy every day of their retirement to the fullest! It's a remarkable choice that'll look great mounted on the kitchen wall, reminding them that time moves differently in retirement. 

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses, Wine and Glass Rack

32. A Special Plaque

This retirement plaque is a thoughtful and meaningful gift that will celebrate a life of professional accomplishments, among which the most important is making a tremendous difference in many lives. It's inspirational, chic, and the perfect retirement gift!

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses, Nursing Retirement Plaque


When your friend, nephew, dad, brother, or partner graduates from nursing school, they deserve a gift and celebration to match the accomplishment!  

33. A Personalized Tumbler

Opt for a personalized gift, like a coffee mug with their name and the abbreviation they worked so hard for: RN, BSN, NP, FNP, or so on. These travel mugs are excellent: they fit perfectly in the car and are at a perfect 20 oz capacity because there is no such thing as small drinks in healthcare. 

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses, Personalized Tumbler

34. A Fun T-shirt

We love a play on words and so will the new graduate! After many sleepless nights and countless exams, they will wear this shirt with pride to let the world know they're ready for the best professional adventure yet! 

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Male Nurses, Fun T-Shirt

Are You Ready to Celebrate Mr. Incredible? Male nurses are some of the most incredible people in the world and deserve gifts that match their level of awesomeness. We hope you managed to find some great ideas in our guide! 

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