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Fabulous Products

Love my new stethoscope. Great value and performance

MD One® Adult - Black
Bonnie Noakes

Great !

MD One® Adult - White
Gabriella Rivera

MD One® Adult - White

ProCardial® Stainless Steel Cardiology Stethoscope - White/WhiteOut

ProCardial Cardiology sugar skull

I absolutely love my stethoscope! Out of all of my stethoscopes MDF I can hear very clear out of. Would recommend to anyone.

Works Great

This is a high quality product with clear sound. I have been using for several weeks and would definitely purchase again.

ProCardial® Titanium Cardiology Stethoscope - Galaxy/BlackOut

ProCardial® Stainless Steel Cardiology Stethoscope - White/WhiteOut

Review of ProCardial

It's an amazing stethoscope with great sound quality!

So Glad I bought this!

I love this stethoscope! The tubing and bell are so colorful, I get compliments all the time! The sound quality is amazing. I wish I would've purchased this years ago. I can hear even the faintest sounds when checking patients that have been otherwise difficult to hear.

LUMiNiX® III Penlight
Leonela Padilla


Sturdy case

Got this case as a bonus for an issue I was having with my purchase so MDF threw in this case for me. I honestly really like it. I store my stethoscope in it when I'm not using it at work and it keeps it protected and away from others using it (since it's out of sight out of mind) and it's a good little case. The only thing it holds right now is my stethoscope but if I had more to store in it, it would definitely be able to hold it. Its got nice little pockets and a holding strap for all the stuff you would need for your job and that's what I love about it. The case is rather sturdy too so it won't get crushed by all the stuff in my box at work. Definitely a must with your stethoscope from MDF.

ProCardial® Stainless Steel Cardiology Stethoscope - White/WhiteOut


tracking number does not work

ProCardial® Titanium Cardiology Stethoscope - Realtree Edge Camo/BlackOut

Hello Kyle,

Thank you so much for this reviewed. We are so happy to see your enjoying your new stethoscope. We would loved to let you know our stethoscopes are cover under our program and also under our

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Time Stethoscope

I bought this as I’m in paramedic school and have not been able to hear anything with the Stethoscopes in class and on my ambulance. I have been able to use this and hear things very clearly. I love the time aspect and being able to quickly gain a pulse. Definitely worth every dollar


Enjoying the product, clear and precise

Made right

I hadn’t been given the right delivery, but when I was finally able to get a hold of the company, they made the situation right and sent out the correct order, right away…no charges attached. My order was packaged well and I love my stethoscope. Thank you!

ProCardial® Titanium Cardiology Stethoscope - Mermaid/Kaleidoscope

Wonderful stethoscope

I ordered this stethoscope to replace one that I had for about 6 years. The sound in my old stethoscope doesn't even compare to the sound of my MDF stethoscope. I can hear everything so clearly, pick up things in my exams I didn't hear before and get better readings than with my previous stethoscope. I'm extremely pleased with my purchase and MDF really came through for me when I had placed my order and contacted me when the stethoscope I wanted was on backorder. I found another one I wanted instead and they even threw in a free carrying case for me for the trouble. I love my new MDF stethoscope since it stands out from the rest. I highly recommend.

Hello Amber,

Thank you so much for this amazing reviewed. We are so happy to see our customer happy. I also have incredible news for you, we have 2 warranties for all of our MDF products. Don't forget to register your instrument to our and also to our

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Bandage Scissors 7"
Leonela Padilla


Muy buen equipo , comodo de usar , un poco pesado pero es muy resistente , con excelente calidad de audio , se puede utilizar en el servicio de urgencias fácilmente

Hola Rodolfo,

Queremos agradecerte por este reviewed y por confiar en nosotros, tenemos noticias increíbles para ofrecerte. Nuestros instrumentos están bajo unas garantías de por vida. Te dejaremos los links por aquí para que eches un vistazo. Estas garantías son completamente GRATIS puedes usarlas las veces que necesites.

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MD One® Adult - Orange

Great product

I use this in veterinary practice. The size is excellent for cats, small dogs, and larger exotic pets. The small chest piece size makes it much easier to auscultate under the forelimb than any of the combined adult/pediatric stethoscopes, including the MDF Epoch. The acoustics are fantastic, and I feel pediatric stethoscope overall outperforms the MDF Epoch in these patients.

Where it misses the mark is in the build quality. I find the binaural to be clumsy and the tubing quite stiff. Moving the chest piece around tends to twist the binaural, and the earpieces often need readjustment in the course of auscultation. The chestpiece stem rotates just a bit too easily, so the sounds can be lost if the stem begins to inadvertently rotate. The diaphragm retaining ring is a bit loose, but so far has not fallen off if the stethoscope while in use. Finally, there seems to be no reason NOT to offer this stethoscope in every color of tubing available which might increase the interest.

Overall, this is a great product and has earned a place in my arsenal of examination tools.

Hello Jeremy,

Thank you for your reviewed. We have the solution to all your problems with the instrument. All of our product are cover under our Lifetime Warranty and also under our Free-Parts-For-Life program. I'm going to leave you this links for you to submit the claim and send you a new headset and tubing and all the extra parts you need to get your stethoscope to the best working condition.

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