MDF Instruments Stethoscope Reviews

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Calibra® Sphygmomanometer

Great for nursing school!

I absolutely love it! Shipping was fast and customer service was absolutely amazing after my first order was lost in the mail. Would definitely recommend it to all of my friends.

ProCardial® Titanium Cardiology Stethoscope - Turquoise/Rose Gold

Works great!

The sounds are so clear and has helped tremendously at work!

Worth it

I had the original MD One for years but struggled to head out it. Got into nursing school and decided to buy a step up (the epoch). Best decision I ever made.

MD One® Pediatric Stethoscope - Purple


I love this stethoscope! It works amazing and at a better cost than other brands. This got me through nursing school and I still use it today.

Great sound

This product was as pictured. It’s lightweight and the sound is clear. I’ve had stethoscopes before that eventually sounded muffled and were weighty.

MD One® Adult Stethoscope - Bright Blue

Stethoscope Case - Medium
Megan Hollingsworth


ProCardial® Titanium Cardiology Stethoscope - Mermaid/Kaleidoscope

great product

ProCardial Titanium Cardiology Stethoscope Poseidon Carbon Fiber Blackout

Honestly, one of the most unique looking stethoscope I've ever purchased. I started with the first MDF regular stethoscope that was handed down to me because I started nursing school. I saved up money and was able to upgrade. Best decision I've made! It sounds just as clear as the Littman Cardiology, but with style! Not to mention, Lifetime warranty (with restrictions). I actually just got my tubes replaced because of discoloration. They sent me a new one and upgraded my bell with new plastics when I didn't even ask for it. The clear was starting to turn yellow and they upgraded me to the matte black. Would highly recommend if you want something different other than Littman!

Super lightweight

I was super surprised by the quality. I’ve had a litman since I graduated as a gift from my parents. So I was nervous about changing. The sound quality to me seems better than my litman cardiology IV and so much lighter. Also the color and pattern makes it easier to identify that it is mine than just a plan colored stethoscope. I love it

ProCardial® Titanium Cardiology Stethoscope - Mermaid/Kaleidoscope

Awesome warranty!

I submitted a claim under my warranty because my stethoscope’s bell stopped working. MDF sent me a brand new stethoscope! Great warranty! Great customer service!!
Julie S.

I Love this stethoscope.

lighter when than my last cardiology MDF scope. I can hear really well. It is individual enough that no one take it.

Beautiful Cherry Blossoms 🌸

My beautiful new stethoscope! I love it and I can hear everything. What a distinction from my previous stethoscopes!

Great product and great customer service.

Love MDF stethoscope. I was lucky enough to snatch the paw print design when it was new that was just released. It's stylish and practical for everyday used for healthcare workers. It's not heavy on the neck or flimsy. For some reason, I couldn't chest piece, despite troubleshooting it. I reached out to customer support knowing they have a warranty under their company policy. It was a smooth communication, and they were able to be replaced it for me. My new replacement is exactly the same and I can hear again. Thank you MDF!

Best stethoscope ever

I’ve had my Sprague X stethoscope for several years now. I recently needed a replacement tubing and the customer service department sent me everything I needed to fix my stethoscope promptly and at no cost. I feel like I have a new stethoscope at no cost to me. I’ve had a couple of other sprague rappaport stethoscopes over the years. This is by far the best stethoscope I’ve ever owned. No distortion of the sounds because of the tubes rubbing together. The price is great and also the quality. In my opinion, it outperforms much more expensive stethoscopes. I recommend this for anyone who wants a great stethoscope at a reasonable price.

Quality instrument

I needed a new stethoscope and decided to check out MDF instruments. The stethoscope is heavy duty and very well made. The variety of colors was great. I would recommend

Titanium, but not MRI proof

Was hoping that because it is advertised as a Ti stethoscope that it would be non-ferrous. Turns out that the MRI machine will suck it in faster than the lesser MDF models. A little misleading if you ask me.


Was able to get this piece as a return for my last stethoscope and this is now my second piece from MDF! Love their equipment and would recommend to everybody! Great acoustics, build, and quality is 100% what you'd need in the field of medicine! Thank you so much MDF!

Great Product Great Price

Tried to buy this same exact item in a local store. It was $180 but I got it directly from the manufacturer for around $40. Very happy with it.

Babinski Telescoping 2.0® Reflex Hammer