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José Garcia has dedicated his life to serving others in Puerto Rico.


Special Patient Care:

UCLA Dentistry

There is Just Something About This Place

Rincón, Puerto Rico

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Reports from the Field

Stories from the Front Lines

Universal Promise - MDF Instruments Official Store
Medical Mission

Universal Promise

On Martha's recent trip, her team of 40 healthcare professionals used their MDF Instruments stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers and reflex hammers to p...

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Floating Doctors Panama 2022 - MDF Instruments Official Store
Medical Mission

Floating Doctors Panama 2022

Imagine packing up supplies, flying to another country, hopping in a car to the nearest dock to then venture across waters to then set up a med cli...

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International Medical Corps - MDF Instruments Official Store
Humanitarian Mission

International Medical Corps

In 2022 International Medical Corps plans to continue their worldwide services, as well as expand their programs in the United States. IMC states t...

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