ProCardial® Titanium Cardiology Stethoscope - White/Rose Gold



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Patient Size: Adult
Material: Titanium
Tube: White
Metal Finish: Rose Gold

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Daniel Fink
MDF makes the best scopes- period

As a Pediatric Cardiologist- for many years I needed to go around with 2 scopes- the Harvey 3 head for larger kids and the Sprauge Rappaport with the infant heads for the smaller children. Your first Cardiology scopes made both of them museum pieces as your original cardiology scopes- including your 2 tube Sprauge Rappaport type, your Procardial ERA and your original tubing Stainless Steel cardiology scopes were all better than the classics for all size children including adult sized (with the assortment of heads). The newer style with the T tube connecting the Ear Peace to the strait tubing unfortunately sacrificed the unparalleled sensitivity- but none of the specificity/ acoustic filtering of only relevant sounds..This new model is easier to carry and connect my name tag to which is important and the Titanium is much more comfortable to carry over my neck (although the weight of the stainless steel was useful for applying a seal without pushing down on the head). Over all this new scope is heads and tails over any other company's scope (and I have tried multiple scopes) and I recommend them to all residents and students here in Israel. I would appreciate it if you started shipping here as your supplier here ups the price to that of the other companies without giving the advantage that the US has in your scopes being less expensive and has limited selection.

Josalyne Hoover
Stethoscope is wonderful! But…

The sound is so clear and it is so durable. I really love mine! I am slightly upset at the fact I ordered mine & it said I would receive a free case & I did not receive one. So I would make sure you double check you’re getting one, although I don’t know how to do that.

Hello Josalyne,

Thank you for this lovely feedback. I would be more then happy to add a free case to your order. My direct line is (818)-940-1698. Have a wonderful day!!

Anyelika, MDF !!

IVAN Mojica LTX 1099
¡Me encanta!

¡Es Perfecto!
En cuanto al servicio de envío y atención es increíble, no tuve ningún problema y todo fue seguro.

ProCardial® Titanium - Light & Strong


I Am Titanium

Titanium is 45% lighter than stainless steel and has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element. This is why brilliant engineers use it in race cars, space shuttles, and now stethoscopes.


ProCardial® Titanium

Constructed from lightweight titanium, the MDF® ProCardial® Titanium Stethoscope delivers accurate auscultation of heart, lung, and Korotkoff sounds with acoustic integrity and clarity. Compared to its 9.6oz stainless steel counterpart, our titanium ProCardial® weighs in at only 4.9oz. Imagine what that feels like over a 12 hour shift. With its extra-deep, cone-shaped bell and ultrasensitive diaphragm, this cardiology stethoscope detects the entire frequency range required by cardiologists.

ProCardial® Titanium - Lightweight Exquisite Sound

*Shown with optional Pediatric & Infant Clip


The Look of Sound

A concert of colorful chestpieces and headsets to choose from.

ProCardial® Titanium Metalogy - Original


ProCardial® Titanium Metalogy - Rose Gold

Rose Gold

ProCardial® Titanium Metalogy - Metalika


ProCardial® Titanium Metalogy - Gold


ProCardial® Titanium Metalogy - Cyprium


ProCardial® Titanium Metalogy - BlackOut


ProCardial® Titanium Metalogy - Gold


ProCardial® Titanium Metalogy - Kaleidoscope



Sound Pattern

Stand out in a sea of scrubs.


Sound Check 1-2-3

The ProCardial® provides flexibility in assessment, quickly converting to an adult, pediatric (797DDT) or infant (797CCT) stethoscope with its patented screw-on convertible chestpiece.

US PAT 9,486,180, D724,728, Pat No. ZL 2011 2 0200178.2

ProCardial® Titanium - True Bell & True Diaphragm


Sound Judgement

Take the guesswork out of auscultation with our True Bell & True Diaphragm dual-head chestpiece. The bell side focuses on low frequency sounds (20Hz-100Hz) while the Ultra-sensitive Diaphragm handles high frequencies (100Hz-1000Hz).


Sound Lock

With our patented Titanium SoundTight™ Glide-Lock-System™ (GLS), we’ve minimized sound loss of this crucial indexing mechanism. Simply push, turn, and the GLS will lock itself into place. 

US PAT 9,486,180, Pat No. ZL 201020279428.1

ProCardial® Titanium - Deeper Bell


Sound as a Bell

Our deeper, cone-shaped bell amasses specific low frequency heart sounds, which can often be difficult to distinguish.


Sound Channel

We took the engineering principles used in concert halls and applied it to our stethoscopes. Flat walls create echoes which is why deeply cut baffles are used to reduce sound wave refraction. Using this theory our new C34 tubing has 34 channels etched inside the tube to direct clear and precise sound waves from your patient to your ears.


ProCardial® Titanium - CS34 Acoustic Tubing
ProCardial® Titanium - Denser, Longer Tubing


Sound Barrier

Our flexible, latex-free tubing is thicker and longer than others to block out external noises, and provide a safer distance between you and your patient.


Sound Fit

Our patented ErgonoMax™ headset is pre-angled and tension adjustable, allowing for a tailored fit. The dual-leaf spring adds a second layer of durability, ensuring the structural integrity of the headset and prevents breaking when tension is increased.

 Pat No. ZL 200820155127.0



Sound Design

Our new patent pending STEnT™, permanently attached to the dual-leaf spring, keeps the spring from blocking the opening of the Acoustic Pyramid Chamber™. This ensures a clear and open channel at this important junction. 

US Patent Pending

Sound Check 1-2-3


Sound Design

Our new patent pending STEnT, permanently attached to the dual-leaf spring, keeps the spring from blocking the opening of the Acoustic Pyramid Chamber™. This ensures a clear and open channel at this important junction.

US Patent Pending


Safe & Sound

Our patented SafetyLock™ prevents accidental puncturing of the eardrum from loose eartips coming off during your practice.

Pat No. ZL 201020279423.9



Sounds Comfy

Our ComfortSeal™ eartips provide you with the perfect fit. All MDF® stethoscopes come with 3 sizes of eartips in small, medium, and large. Pliable silicone material allows the eartip to compress slightly creating a better sound seal.

ProCardial® Titanium - Clear Silicone Eartips


Sound Mark

Laser engrave the chestpiece with a message of your choice, making it easy to identify and personalize for you, or a loved one.



Sound Investment

With our Free-Parts-For-Life Program, request replacement eartips, diaphragms, non-chill rings, retaining rings, and name tags anytime online and we will ship them out to you for free.

ProCardial® Titanium - FREE-PARTS-FOR-LIFE℠


With You For Life

For half a century, our master craftsmen have meticulously created exquisite stethoscopes for healthcare professionals, and we will continue this fanatical discipline for lifetimes to come. We will be here.

ProCardial® Titanium - Lifetime Warranty


With You For Life

For half a century, our master craftsmen have meticulously created exquisite stethoscopes for healthcare professionals, and we will continue this fanatical discipline for lifetimes to come. We will be here.