Craft WOWness

Create and deliver the unexpected; we neither accept nor force-feed average.

Challenge Convention

“Fear” is our “F” word. We don’t allow our ego to hold us back from reinventing ourselves and pushing new boundaries. To go from simply good to great, we must always ask ourselves, “Why settle?”


Up-serving is taking that extra step to transform any experience into an exceptional one that truly adds value. We are not in the business of up-selling; we are in the business to up-serve.

Seek to Understand

Merely accepting the status quo is laziness. We will not fall prey to laziness and accept what we are told - we stay curious and are in constant pursuit of understanding before acceptance and judgment.

Do What is Right

Our motivation is to leave a legacy by doing what is right and good and not by profit and publicity.

Safe Haven to Fail 

An environment that cherishes divergent thinking, encourages risk-taking, and accepts failures so we can learn and accomplish amazing things.

True Grit

The courage to persevere through discomfort for the sake of doing good. We are comfortable being uncomfortable.


We value contribution and potential - not pedigree, seniority, nepotism nor cronyism.

Effectiveness over Efficiency

We work smarter, not necessarily harder.

Intelligence over Instinct

The wisdom to overcome biological programming and strive for happiness over pleasure, gain over pain, and effectiveness over efficiency.

Practice Humility

Our measurement is against ourselves, the impact we create, and the lives we change.

Great Fun

Life is too short not to enjoy what you do.