It is our commitment to utilize our resources to do more, to do what is right, and to do what we can to increase wellness in our world. Whether it is serving at a local event to teach others how to measure and maintain a healthy blood pressure, serving on the ground with causes that mean the world to us, becoming better stewards of the Earth, or our core initiative to equip modern-day unsung heroes serving on the ground and transforming healthcare for their communities; We believe in #CraftingWellness.

With your support, we have brought healthcare to millions of individuals through empowering over 200 teams of medical professionals who serve in over 90 countries. And with your continued partnership, we can do so much more.







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Empowering over 200 teams of medical professionals who serve in over 90 countries

Palestine Children's Relief Fundraiser

Step into the middle east and go into a local doctors office, expect it to be one of two things; either packed because there are limited resources, or it could be empty since many people cannot afford to go to the doctor. This is something that would touch anyone in healthcare.

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Proyecto Nacer - Breaking Social Disadvantage for Teenage Moms

Not only working to end the cycle of social disadvantages for teen moms, the efforts of Proyecto Nacer in Puerto Rico, are structured around the mother, baby, father and grandparents; changing the lives of three generations.

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Ukraine Military Donation

The war that has broken out in Ukraine has brought suffering, casualties and sorrow. Thanks to MDF Instruments’ Ukrainian distributor Meditor, our team was able to make a substantial donation of stethoscopes and medical equipment to the Ukrainian military and other medical organizations.

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Alexis Hernandez

MDF Instruments had the honor of presenting a stethoscope to each medical student at the white coat ceremony for San Juan Bautista School of Medicine. With the partnership of the Dr. Garcia Rinaldi Foundation, our goal is to provide a free stethoscope to every graduating student in healthcare in Puerto Rico. At this white coat ceremony, we welcome Alexis Hernandez onto the next path in his journey to become a physician.

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THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser

All women are strong and powerful human beings, sickness is everywhere and can affect everyone. THE Breast Cancer Foundation, founded by Nilo G. Low and directed by Charlotte Martin, focuses on preserving the dignity of breast cancer patients and their loved ones by providing tangible, compassionate care. The care starts with their specialized unique "We Care Packages".

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Mayanza INC

The lack of vital resources can be a different story for everyone. For some people it may be air conditioning or a small fridge. For others it could mean no hot water, no washing machine, ranging all the way to no clean water, no access to affordable healthcare, and no roof over your head. One of the core goals at MDF is to contribute to providing healthcare efforts to every person who has limited resources.

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Nurses with Purpose

Nurses with Purpose are volunteer nurses who want to step outside the clinic doors to utilize their medical training for more good, the best they can. Nurses With Purpose’s mission is to “enrich the lives of others, as we enrich the lives of ourselves through meaningful experiences created through the power of giving back”.

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Maternal International Infant Project

On their recent trip to Guyana, South America in August 2021, Onika took her team on a mission to enhance nursing care and improve community knowledge through nursing education and support for pregnant women and children. Onika shared that their goal is to “provide as much medical care to the NICU as they can, trying to diagnose issues to keep women from dying from child labor and ensuring babies stay safe and alive after birth."

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Universal Promise

On Martha's recent trip, her team of 40 healthcare professionals used their MDF Instruments stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers and reflex hammers to provide medical attention to the community. Their focus on this mission was concentrated on obesity, hypertension, diabetes, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDs.

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Floating Doctors Panama 2022

Imagine packing up supplies, flying to another country, hopping in a car to the nearest dock to then venture across waters to then set up a med clinic for a community of whom does not speak the same language you do. This is nothing more than a routine endeavour for the Floating Doctors organization. The journey these missionaries take is indescribable, going through the moody rain and beating sun is everything except a sign to go back, and a motive to move faster.

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International Medical Corps

In 2022 International Medical Corps plans to continue their worldwide services, as well as expand their programs in the United States. IMC states their initiative will be "strengthening existing healthcare systems by providing equipment, supplies, clinicians and training" with efforts focused on "services to marginalized groups and underserved communities ensuring adequate access to timely and critically needed health services."

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Sometimes it can be hard to give what you want to the world, without the basic necessities of that goal. Dr. Asomba Tobias had a vision when he started COHECF and limited resources didn't stop him. To help Dr. Asomba achieve his goals, MDF donated stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, reflex hammers and penlights to COHECF.

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Foundation of International Medical Relief - The Traveling Nurse

MDF had the pleasure of working with The Traveling Nurse K Chandler Rosemont for her trip to Costa Rica this past year. Chandler is a Pediatric CVICU Registered Nurse, she invests her time into ensuring her trained knowledge is put to great fortune with anyone she works with. She is sponsored by FIGS and utilizes any opportunity she comes across to help those in need around the globe.

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U-VOL Foundation Inc

U-VOL Foundation is a non-profit organization who serve underprivileged communities by providing healthcare, education about water sanitation, outreach projects, and suburb positivity to empower communities to uplift their own people for a healthy outlook.U-VOL is committed to ensuring equality and compassion through their team and the missions they endure around the globe. Serving with Love is an affirmation they stand by.

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International Medical Relief Organization

International Medical Relief is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide basic healthcare needs to countries all over the globe, evaluating health concerns to help prevent chronic and fatal conditions. With the help of local dental and healthcare volunteers, IMR creates clinics anywhere there is space. This amazing outreach for the empowerment of those who do not have access to healthcare or knowledge, was started in 2002 by Shauna King and Karla Prentiss.

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Mission Haiti Medical

Mission Haiti Medical is an organization started in January 1993, currently led by Mark Fulton and his wife Kathy Fulton. This organization strives to volunteer their knowledge and medical resources to Haiti, seeking to empower the local people to create their own sustainable hospital for their community.

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Free Burma Rangers Field Report

MDF Instruments' Crafting Wellness is proud to donate stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, reflex hammers and other medical equipment to the Free Burma Rangers for continuous missions. They are making an incredible impact on the lives of people in Burma and surrounding areas, who don't have access to basic life necessities.

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International Medical Corps

Working together to battle the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, we sent our instruments into the hands of IMC's first responders, bringing medical attention to communities in need.

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Crafting Wellness in Mongolia with Dr. Tuguldur

MDF Instruments Crafting Wellness partnered with Dr. Tuguldur in Mongolia to distribute medical instruments to rural medical providers. Often these facilities lack basic medical assessment instruments, or they're forced to use broken equipment.

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Cal State San Marcos Mission

Cal State San Marcos School of Nursing makes Crafting Wellness a priority. This year a team of nursing students, along with their dedicated professors, took their passion for improving health care to Vietnam and Swaziland, Africa. 

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San Antonio Guatemalan Endeavor

SAGE is a group of volunteers who annually travel to rural Guatemala to provide healthcare and community development to those in need. Over the course of 5 days, SAGE medical teams work to provide medical care. The team sees patients in medical clinics, dental clinic, vision clinic, and performs surgeries such as cleft palate repair.

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Fundación Dr. García Rinaldi

The Dr. Raúl García Rinaldi Foundation is a non-profit institution, incorporated in 1993, whose primary purpose is to provide assistance to medically indigent patients with cardiovascular diseases. Its mission is to promote charitable, literary, educational and / or scientific activities and carry out educational research in relation to heart disease and cardiovascular surgery, as well as facilitating access to alternative cardiovascular services for medically indigent patients.

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University of Mississippi Medical Center

For two weeks a small team of students and faculty from University of Mississippi Medical Center lived on a boat traveling down the Amazon River providing medical care to local villages. The students tested their medical knowledge to the limit. For the first time in their lives, they were the sole primary caregiver for many patients, treating patients on their own knowledge and recommendations.

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Tzu Chi International Medical Association

Tzu Chi International Medical Association is an organized global service network of over 5,500 licensed doctors and nurses who serve as volunteers. They always use utmost care and attention to treat the poor and the sick, providing total medical care including surgeries.

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Tumaini International Ministries

Tumaini International Ministries' vision is to provide hope and tangible assistance to AIDS-orphaned children in Kenya and eventually, the rest of Africa.

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Timmy Global Health

Timmy Global Health expands access to healthcare and empowers students and volunteers to tackle today’s most pressing global health challenges. To achieve this goal, Timmy sends medical service teams to support the work of international partner organizations, channels financial, medical, and human resources to community based health and development projects, and works to empower students at U.S. high schools and colleges to fundraise, advocate, and serve in an effort to fight health disparities at home and abroad.

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The Mayles

We are working on a small island of Madagascar called Nosy Mitsio. There we are part of what is called a TIMO team. TIMO (pronounced team-o) stands for Training in Ministry Outreach. It is a program in which we do course work and study in order to build a solid foundation for a lifetime in ministry. 

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The Haiti Mission

In early 1982, the Haiti Mission began as a construction project, building churches, clinics and drilling wells in the northern region of Haiti. This cultural sharing and enrichment with a very different community grew into an ongoing effort to improve the condition of a deprived people with an almost unendurable life struggle.

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Team Broken Earth

Team Broken Earth is a volunteer task force composed of physicians, nurses, and physiotherapists from across Canada committed to delivering and improving healthcare in Haiti. Team Broken Earth returned to the Bernard Mevs Hospital in Port au Prince, Haiti in October 2014 to provide specialty and basic medical care as well as educational opportunities to the community.

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ServeHAITI's vision for Grand-Bois is a thriving, self-sustaining mountain community whose residents have access to healthcare, education, economic opportunities, clean drinking water, and nutritious food. By working in solidarity with our Haitian counterparts, our goal is to help alleviate unnecessary human suffering in this impoverished region.

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Sean O'Shea Foundation

Yoga in the US was becoming somewhat familiar in the 1960's and by the late 1990's yoga was becoming popular, and by 2000 yoga and mindful programs were being introduced in schools. Today, we are finding yoga and mindful programs in schools throughout the US. Sean O'Shea started teaching yoga and character building to at-risk kids in school back in 2001. 

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Scranton University

The University of Scranton, School of Nursing had their inaugural trip to The Bwindi Hospital in Uganda in January of 2013. While at the hospital they provide hands-on care for over 150 patients.

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Robert Morris University & Universidad Politécnica De Nicaragua

Robert Morris University, partnered with Universidad Politecnica de Nicaragua, travel to the barrios of Managua to provide medical care to the poor and to teach the nursing students (both American & Nicaraguan) how to better assess and care for patients.

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Research College Of Nursing

The mission of Research College of Nursing is to educate students as professional nurses who provide safe, quality health care. Through a commitment to excellence in nursing education, this academic community promotes development of the individual as a scholar and leader dedicated to providing service to the greater society. 

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Remote Area Medical

The Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corps is a non-profit, volunteer, airborne relief corps dedicated to serving mankind by providing free health care, dental care, eye care, veterinary services, and technical and educational assistance to people in remote areas of the United States and the world.

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RainCatcher is dedicated to healing communities by providing clean water for children in the developing world using Rain Water Harvesting, an affordable and sustainable solution. We realize the magnitude of the matter that we are trying to address and believe that setting attainable goals is the best way in achieving and helping make a difference.

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