MDF®505 Taylor™ Hammer
MDF®505XL Taylor 2.0® Hammer
MDF®515BT Babinski Buck® Reflex Hammer
MDF®515PBT Babinski Buck® Reflex Hammer
MDF®535 Babinski™ Hammer
MDF®535XT Telescoping Babinski 2.0® Hammer
MDF®545 Queen Square™ Hammer
MDF®555 Trömner™ Hammer
MDF®555P Trömner™ > Light Hammer

Read instructions carefully before using and save for future reference.

General Safety: This MDF® reflex hammer is designed exclusively as a non-invasive medical instrument for elicitation of neural responses on healthy skin. Due to its functions, this instrument contains a pointed tip that can cause serious injuries if improperly used or used for any other purpose. Use only if you are a medical professional and do not leave this instrument unattended around children.

General Usage: MDF® reflex hammers are designed for external elicitation of myotatic, plantar, and cutaneous responses.

Prior to each use, make sure all parts are securely fastened and properly connected.

Myotatic Reflex: Elicit with hammer head.
Plantar Reflex: Elicit with pointed tip of hammer handle.
Cutaneous Reflex: Elicit with pointed tip of hammer handle. MDF®515, MDF®515BT, MDF®515PBT, MDF®535XT and MDF®555P each feature a screw-in retractable brush and/or screw-in pointed tip.

General Cleaning & Care: Clean reflex hammer thoroughly before each use. Use only clean cotton cloth or swab and isopropyl alcohol solution to cleanse all soiled parts. Avoid prolonged exposure of the instrument to excessive heat, cold, solvents, moisture, or oils/lipids (secreted by human skin).

Our commitment to high-quality instruments is backed by our lifetime warranty on reflex hammers.