MDF®740 Pulse Time® Stethoscope
MDF®740C Pulse Time® Stethoscope
MDF®757PT Pulse Time® Teaching Stethoscope

Read instructions carefully before using and save for future reference.

General Safety: This MDF® stethoscope is designed exclusively as a non-invasive medical auscultation instrument for the detection of heart and lung sounds on healthy skin around the external thoracic region. Due to its sound amplification function, it may cause damage to user’s ears if used other than its intended medical diagnostic purpose. Use only if you are a medical professional and do not leave stethoscope unattended around children.

General Usage: MDF® stethoscope headsets are angled anatomically for best fit, comfort, and sound transmission. The headset should be worn with the eartips pointed away from you if it is held directly in front of you. Hold the chestpiece
firmly against the desired auscultation location on the patient's body. Prior to each use, make sure all parts are securely fastened and properly connected.

Adjust Time: Turn outer bezel counter-clockwise to remove the liquid crystal analog (LCA) quartz-timing device (Figure A). Insert end of pointed object (pen or paper clip) into time adjustment opening (Figure B). The second hand will automatically reset to the 12 o’clock position while the minute hand and hour hand will rotate clockwise. Simply release pointed object from time adjustment opening when desired position is reached.

Adjust Time A
Adjust Time B

Replace Battery: Turn outer bezel counter-clockwise to remove the liquid crystal analog (LCA) quartz-timing device
(Figure A). Turn device over (Figure C) and remove metal backing by loosening the small screw first (Figure D) to
expose and replace battery. Please use a AG-3/1.5 volt battery.

 Replace Battery C
 Replace Battery D

General Cleaning & Care: Clean stethoscope thoroughly before each use. For chestpiece, acoustic tubing, and
ComfortSealTM eartips, use clean cotton cloth or swab and rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol solution to cleanse all
soiled parts. Avoid prolonged exposure of the acoustic tubing to excessive heat, cold, solvents, moisture, or oils/lipids
(secreted by human skin).

Our commitment to high-quality instruments is backed by a lifetime warranty.

The MDF® 740 Pulse Time® Stethoscope is protected by the following patents:
US patent no. 5252787
ROC patent no. 87572
China patent no. ZL 94 2 00323.3