Getting to know your stethoscope

What is a Stethoscope?

Whether you are starting nursing school or monitoring your health at home, one of the most useful instruments is a stethoscope. What is a stethoscope used for? A stethoscope is a medical instrument for listening to the action of someone's heart or breathing, typically having a small disk-shaped resonator that is placed against the chest, and two tubes connected to earpieces. Listening with a stethoscope will give you a more accurate idea of what may be going on inside the body to monitor health conditions and general vitals. If you are not trained you may have some floating thoughts about how to use a stethoscope. Luckily we are here to help you get comfortable with your new MDF® stethoscope.

What are the parts of a stethoscope?

The parts of a stethoscope include, tubing, ear pieces, binaural headset, and a chest piece. These parts are all covered under our Lifetime Warranty. The smaller replacement parts of the stethoscope include the diaphragm, non-chill ring, silicon earbuds, and id tags. These stethoscope replacement parts are also included in our Free-Parts-For-Life-Program. To learn more about getting free parts for your stethoscope, please visit this page How to Get Free Parts

What are the parts of the stethoscope chest piece?

With our patented Titanium SoundTight™ Glide-Lock-System™ (GLS), we’ve minimized sound loss of this crucial indexing mechanism. Simply push, turn, and the GLS will lock itself into place. What does the green dot by the chestpiece mean? The green dot located on the stem of the chestpiece will indicate which side of the chestpiece is active. The stem will rotate to the diaphragm or bell side with the green dot indicating the open channel.With MDF® stethoscopes, auscultation is made easy, using our True Bell & True Diaphragm dual-head chestpiece. The bell side focuses on low frequency sounds while the Ultra-sensitive Diaphragm handles high frequencies. Low frequency sounds may include low bowels and heart murmurs. The cover that contains the MDF® Logo is the diaphragm and retaining ring. MDF® Instruments has also come out with our PureSona® Single-Use Diaphragm covers, these are used for infection control and easy use.

How to clean your stethoscope?

Remember to clean the stethoscope thoroughly before each use. Use a clean cotton cloth or swab and 70% isopropyl alcohol solution to cleanse all soiled parts, and avoid prolonged exposure of acoustic tubing to excessive heat, cold and solvents.We suggest to hang your stethoscope after each use if possible instead of wearing it around your neck to avoid the natural oils from our skin to interact with the material of the tubing. This suggestion of coarse would be within the possibilities of your profession. We value your need for your instrument daily, this is why we have your back to help you get accurate diagnosis with a reliable instrument, and reliable parts .


your purchase helps medical missions

With your support, we provide medical missions with the equipment needed to perform basic medical assessments and treatments, that are so desperately needed in many areas of the world. Together we can bring wellness to the most remote communities, who are just beginning to establish a reliable healthcare system, and make a positive and healthy impact on the community.

Universal Promise

On Martha's recent trip, her team of 40 healthcare professionals used their MDF Instruments stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers and reflex hammers to provide medical attention to the community. Their focus on this mission was concentrated on obesity, hypertension, diabetes, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDs.

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Floating Doctors Panama 2022

Imagine packing up supplies, flying to another country, hopping in a car to the nearest dock to then venture across waters to then set up a med clinic for a community of whom does not speak the same language you do. This is nothing more than a routine endeavour for the Floating Doctors organization. The journey these missionaries take is indescribable, going through the moody rain and beating sun is everything except a sign to go back, and a motive to move faster.

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International Medical Corps

In 2022 International Medical Corps plans to continue their worldwide services, as well as expand their programs in the United States. IMC states their initiative will be "strengthening existing healthcare systems by providing equipment, supplies, clinicians and training" with efforts focused on "services to marginalized groups and underserved communities ensuring adequate access to timely and critically needed health services."

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