Stethoscope Tips

How to Remove your MDF® Instruments Diaphragm and Retaining Ring from the Chestpiece

Your diaphragm is the airtight seal drum with the MDF® logo and the retaining ring in the rubber piece around it securing the part on the stethoscope. This side of the dual head chest piece is used to listen to high frequency sounds. Sometimes the diaphragm will crack or get dirty after sometime of use, this is why we offer it under our Free-Parts-For-Life program! We are here to assist with the process to change out your stethoscope parts for fresh ones.

To remove the diaphragm and retaining ring from your stethoscope, put pressure on the outer edge of the retaining ring using your thumbs pushing it down, away from the chestpiece. This will loosen the diaphragm. Then continue to pull the retaining ring up and over the chestpiece.

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