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Team Broken Earth is a volunteer task force composed of physicians, nurses, and physiotherapists from across Canada committed to delivering and improving healthcare in Haiti. Team Broken Earth returned to the Bernard Mevs Hospital in Port au Prince, Haiti in October 2014 to provide specialty and basic medical care as well as educational opportunities to the community. The team found that their greatest challenge was preparing for the trip to ensure that they saw as many patients as possible. They spent many hours developing clinic strategies to increase the numbers of patients in each specialty that they had on the team. This allowed them to attend to nearly four hundred patients, perform 30 surgeries and train the staff at the hospital on Infection Control and PPE with considerations on Ebola. 

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They also trained in wound care, PALS, Research, Trauma ER Nursing and Residents and Orthopedic Emergencies. The team considers their greatest accomplishment a visit to an orphanage where they were introduced to small boy who was discovered in the garbage, grossly malnourished and dying. The team transported him back to the hospital and restored the boy back to health. Team Broken Earth covered all of his medical expenses and made sure he returned to the orphanage and is well on the road to a healthy life. Team Broken Earth returns to the Hospital with large teams of volunteers year round to continue to make an impact on the community. They are now recognized across Haiti.



This is our oath and we need you. The WORLD needs you. We need your heart, your mind, your skills, and your partnership



UniCare Specialized Polyclinic

Through the best clinic services they can provide, UniCare Specialized Polyclinic is a dream-team of passionate clinicians dedicated to improving community health and wellbeing. This is why MDF is honored to be partners with UniCare, providing them with stethoscopes and blood pressure monitors.

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Paloma Blanca Ministries

It only took one customer service phone call inquiring about our stethoscopes to discover a newfound partner whose drive to be local philanthropists was discovered. During the conversation it surfaced that Cynthia Ruiz and her Husband Manuel Ruiz are founders of a non profit organization called Paloma Blanca Ministries.

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University of Mayaguez

MDF Instruments is proud to share our instruments and compassion for crafting wellness through education with our neighboring University of Mayaguez Puerto Rico - Department of Kinesiology. Working alongside the head of the department, Dr. Carlos Torres Ramos was able to connect with us to organize a donation.

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