The Difference of Titanium Stethoscopes

There has always been a trade-off between sound quality and weight. Until now... Aluminum is light but not the best for sound transmission and stainless steel has strong sound transmission but is heavy over longer shifts. But at nearly half the weight of stainless steel our titanium series is the first of its kind to deliver uncompromised sound. Taking the same metal used by aerospace engineers titanium is the perfect metal to give you the sound quality you need. While taking away the weight around your neck. Titanium stands up to the wear and tear face daily as a medical practitioner. Touted for its strength to density ratio and resilience.

Both our MD One® and Cardiology Titanium stethoscopes can handle clinical shifts to disaster-related events. And along with resistance to cracking and corrosion our titanium series will stand up to heat, rain, sweat and more for years to come. Providing you assurance that this stethoscope is the last one you'll need for a long long time.

The Cardiology Titanium like our Stainless Steel Cardiology has three separate chest piece sizes of adult, pediatric and infant. But unlike our standard MD One® the MD One® Titanium can convert from adult to pediatric.

To customize your stethoscope even further the Titanium series is engravable and is now part of our Mprints® line. With new prints and designs released regularly we want to make sure that your stethoscope is uniquely yours.

Some of the other features of the MD One® and Cardiology Titanium shared by their Stainless Steel counterparts are: our clear silicone ear tips are easy to clean, crack resistant, long lasting and easily fasten on to our patented year Ergonomax™ headset. The headset is connected by a dual leaf spring that automatically adjusts to you while maintaining its integrity over years of use.

This along with three different sizes of comfort seal error tips included will ensure maximum comfort for any practitioner. And with our Free Parts for Life program even lost ear tips along with all other parts can be easily replaced.

MDF® stethoscopes are designed with a sound tubing that is 40 thicker on average than many other stethoscopes to better insulate and maintain sound integrity.

The tubing is also longer to create a more comfortable and safer distance between you and your patient. On many stethoscopes the ear tips are placed over a very thin metal tube. Over months of use this tubing can pierce through the ear tip and accidentally injure your ear canal. But with MDF® stethoscopes we designed a SafetyLock that creates a large fixture for the ear tube to attach to making not only a safer device but a better sonic seal. And that sonic steel is matched on the other end where our ultra sensitive diaphragm produces near lossless acoustic transmission between 100 and 100 hertz.

And with our true bell and diaphragm design you can easily switch from listening to high frequencies to low frequencies. Those low frequencies between 20 and 100 hertz are amplified even more by the design of our extra deep bell designed into our Cardiology series.

Titanium the evolution is here.

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