The ability to defend yourself from non-functioning and damaged equipment due to unforeseen incidents. Protection from accidental damage to your MDF® Instrument, covering repair or replacement for the extended warranty period.

What is M+Unity?
M+Unity is a 2-Year extended warranty for complete coverage of your MDF® Instrument to include accidental damage that is not covered under the general Lifetime Warranty. M+Unity is purchased in addition to the instrument and will cover the repair or replacement of that instrument from events such as mistreatment, liquid or chemical exposure, impact, or exposure to extreme conditions.

What does it cover?
M+Unity covers accidental damage to your stethoscope or sphygmomanometer, ranging from a snapped headset, water/liquid damage, a patient grabbing it, stretcher or car running over it, damage from dropping it, or even if your dog chews it.

What is not covered?
M+Unity is full coverage against damages that inhibit the performance of your stethoscope or sphygmomanometer. The coverage does not include normal wear and tear that does not affect the functionality, including aesthetic issues related to the appearance of the instrument, such as a pen mark, and dye transfer from uniforms or bags. Furthermore, M+Unity does not include items that are lost or stolen.

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