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Looking Back (and forward) with International Medical Corps

Each year International Medical Corp rushes to the front lines, committed to being first responders to the world's most crucial disasters.  With a focus on healthcare, nutrition, shelter and protective services they seek out humanitarian disasters and rush to the scene, dedicated to those affected and providing relief.

"The challenges of 2021 have underscored the importance of global health.  Together, we will continue doing our part to create a healthier, safer world." - IMC

As part of our Crafting Wellness initiative, MDF Instruments has partnered with IMC, donating more than 2,000 medical instruments over the past couple years.  We're honored to provide our stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, reflex hammers and penlights to IMC first responders.

Here's what IMC and MDF have been up to in 2021, a year where we learned to appreciate health more than ever.

In 2022 International Medical Corps plans to continue their worldwide services, as well as expand their programs in the United States.  IMC states their initiative will be "strengthening existing healthcare systems by providing equipment, supplies, clinicians and training," with efforts focused on "services to marginalized groups and underserved communities ensuring adequate access to timely and critically needed health services."

MDF Instruments Stethoscope Medical Relief

From the MDF Instruments family, we hope to continue our partnership with IMC and many more organizations, because we truly believe that together we can do more, and do what's right to increase wellness in the world.  If you would like to join International Medical Corps in their fight for humanitarian aid, please visit their website to learn about different ways you can get involved.



Palestine Children's Relief Fundraiser

Step into the middle east and go into a local doctors office, expect it to be one of two things; either packed because there are limited resources, or it could be empty since many people cannot afford to go to the doctor. This is something that would touch anyone in healthcare.

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Proyecto Nacer - Breaking Social Disadvantage for Teenage Moms

Not only working to end the cycle of social disadvantages for teen moms, the efforts of Proyecto Nacer in Puerto Rico, are structured around the mother, baby, father and grandparents; changing the lives of three generations.

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Ukraine Military Donation

The war that has broken out in Ukraine has brought suffering, casualties and sorrow. Thanks to MDF Instruments’ Ukrainian distributor Meditor, our team was able to make a substantial donation of stethoscopes and medical equipment to the Ukrainian military and other medical organizations.

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