Maternal International Infant Project

 Guyana, South America

A Special Delivery

According to WHO "substantial global progress has been made in reducing childhood mortality since 1990." The numbers are "equivalent to 1 in 11 children dying before reaching age 5" vs "1 in 27 in 2020." However the rates of child mortality are significantly higher in specific regions that don't have access to proper healthcare. What's worse is that many of the causes of death are treatable and preventable. This is why Onika Davis started the Maternal and Infant International Project, in hopes to further decrease these rates. Her efforts prevent perinatal deaths, promote healthy practices for newborns and help prepare mothers for this new chapter in their life. A mother’s dream is to create a safe and loving life for her child to be born into. The warmth Onika offers is beyond health, it is also equipping these women with many things necessary for the life of a mother.

On their recent trip to Guyana, South America in August 2021, Onika took her team on a mission to enhance nursing care and improve community knowledge through nursing education and support for pregnant women and children.

Onika shared that their goal is to “provide as much medical care to the NICU as they can, trying to diagnose issues to keep women from dying from child labor and ensuring babies stay safe and alive after birth." With their new access to many more pediatric, infant and neonatal MDF Instruments Stethoscopes, Onika is able to progress her mission to a larger outreach of patients, and midwives of whom are equipped to learn. Since the start of this annual mission, Guyana has decreased its maternal death rate by 75%. Neonatal death rates continue to diminish as the growth of access to education is provided to the local staff and general community.

“Even when we think being there is enough, it is just another step to ask how else can one help without being here?” To continue making an impact when she wasn’t in Guyana, Onika created the Virtual Basic Fetal Monitoring/NST Class for local nurses. Onika told MDF that the virtual class was "filmed in Guyana & successfully reached EVERY region. This was my first virtual class in an entire country & I absolutely loved it.“

The beginning of any life is actually a new beginning for those around them. The care it takes to raise a healthy, happy child takes help from more than one sometimes, and this is just one of the many reasons why MDF Instruments is proud to be partnered with the heartwarming organization. Keep up with what’s new and see how you can help reach The Maternal & Infant International project’s goal by 2030 and follow them on Facebook.



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