Proyecto Nacer

Foundation of International Medical Relief


Breaking Social Disadvantages for Teenage Moms

Proyecto Nacer is an organization created to serve the families of young, teenage mothers and fathers, promoting success for the baby and family as a whole. They operate as a Family Incubator Model, structuring their services around the mother, baby, father and grandparents. Through this method, they are changing the lives of three generations and impacting entire communities to create a sustainable change.

“There are people with a heart of service and social responsibility who leave their mark.” - Proyecto Nacer

This incredible organization located in Puerto Rico, offers services to the parents including specialized high school curriculum, parenting and breastfeeding classes, sexual health and reproductive health education, counseling and socio-emotional courses. For the child they offer day care, preventative healthcare, speech and language therapy. The grandparents are offered social support, therapy and conversational English courses.

Proyecto Nacer - Breaking Social Disadvantage for Teenage Moms

MDF Instruments is a proud supporter of Proyecto Nacer, and honored to contribute stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers and reflex hammers to their healthcare facilities, including their mobile facility as part of our Crafting Wellness program. 

Proyecto Nacer - Breaking Social Disadvantage for Teenage Moms



Proyecto Nacer - Breaking Social Disadvantage for Teenage Moms

Not only working to end the cycle of social disadvantages for teen moms, the efforts of Proyecto Nacer in Puerto Rico, are structured around the mother, baby, father and grandparents; changing the lives of three generations.

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Ukraine Military Donation

The war that has broken out in Ukraine has brought suffering, casualties and sorrow. Thanks to MDF Instruments’ Ukrainian distributor Meditor, our team was able to make a substantial donation of stethoscopes and medical equipment to the Ukrainian military and other medical organizations.

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Alexis Hernandez

MDF Instruments had the honor of presenting a stethoscope to each medical student at the white coat ceremony for San Juan Bautista School of Medicine. With the partnership of the Dr. Garcia Rinaldi Foundation, our goal is to provide a free stethoscope to every graduating student in healthcare in Puerto Rico. At this white coat ceremony, we welcome Alexis Hernandez onto the next path in his journey to become a physician.

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