Things You May Not Know About a Stethoscope

As many of you may know, one of the most important tools a doctor, nurse or any healthcare provider can have is a stethoscope. It was first created in Paris, France in 1816 by René Laennec because he felt uncomfortable placing his ear on a woman's chest to listen to her heart. It literally means chest scope. Over the decades, it has really evolved with technology into what you see being used now, in the clinic and hospital setting.

What are the advantages of having a high-quality stethoscope and by this, I'm referring to sound quality. Let’s say that you have a patient come in for their annual exam or even the ED and you have to listen to their heart, and you hear an abnormal heart sound, and in this case it's a murmur. You have to decide: is it due to stenosis or regurgitation? What heart valve may be involved? Depending on what you hear when you auscultate the heart with your stethoscope, will determine what your future work up is, what kind of differential diagnosis, and what imaging or other test that you may need to further assist your patients.

That's why I really like this stethoscope by MDF Instruments®.  The sound quality is amazing! You can really clearly listen to the heart, the lungs or any other part of the body you need to auscultate. In addition, it is very comfortable to use, it doesn't hurt my ears and it’s adjustable for the earpieces.  That makes it very convenient for everyone. They really do stand behind their products, so they offer a lifetime replacement of parts, which truly says a lot about the quality of the product that you are receiving. My favorite part is all the fun colors and cool designs you get to choose from. I'm talking about ocean blue, cheetah style, glitter pink, classic black; literally colors for everyone! That's why I really like MDF Instruments® and I think it's the way to go.

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